Systematically using Web-to-Print templates, from brochures to small signs

Which usages for Web-to-Print?

Web-to-Print particularly concerns the creation of commercial documents (flyers, brochures, product descriptions), catalogs, and point-of-sale (POS) material. In fact, the latter is often the reason our clients choose to implement a solution.

But there’s a lot more print collateral in a company than classic POS material – like signs or office automation. For example, small temporary posters (maintenance work, disruptions, event information, instructions, etc.) could be created using web-to-print. One of our clients revealed to us that they regularly use small posters to indicate maintenance work in their agencies. These posters, however, are usually created using Word, without respecting the company’s graphic charter, and printed out quickly on A4 paper. Consequently, the results are rarely aesthetically pleasing and always disparate.

In fact, in many companies, the production of this kind of collateral is still very often “artisanal.”

And yet, harmonizing your brand image everywhere and for every occasion is crucial to establishing a strong identity for consumers. A lack of graphic – and editorial – homogeneity among collateral makes brand identification difficult for your clients.

As a result, you should consider using a web-to-print solution in a comprehensive way, to handle all print production. Wedia offers a Web-to-Print module that allows you to create and manage your POS material more effectively and give your affiliates back their independence. By creating these documents themselves, they’ll be able to offer their agencies or boutiques models for every occasion that are perfectly in line with the company charter.

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