How can Digital Asset Management support changing digital behavior?

13 Dec


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Damien Hilgendorf




How can Digital Asset Management support changing digital behavior?
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People’s morning and nightly routines have dramatically shifted in the past five years. Research shows that 90% of people wake up in the morning and open social media within the first minute of getting up and 70% of people open social media at night once they are in bed.  

Social media giants are steering into the visual content economy with companies such as Tik Tok introducing dynamic content once the application opens (30.8M active daily users), Instagram introducing Reels (2 billion monthly active users), and YouTube rolling out short videos (1.5 billion monthly active users).

With consumers actively engaging with companies via digital means, companies are constantly focusing on managing, storing & creating their digital content on a singular platform with the goal of creating campaigns that will resonate with their target audiences, create business efficiencies and provide a Return on Investment (ROI). 

For marketers, leveraging images, videos, articles, 3D files, and podcasts for brand consistency and storytelling have become a critical differentiator to yield positive customer experiences and personalized campaigns. 

Leveraging a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform provides the ability for marketers to steer into the visual content economy in order to: 

- Create more personalized campaigns to yield a better customer experience and ensure diversity, equitability and inclusiveness (DEI); 

- Control brand consistency from local to global markets; while also reducing the company’s digital carbon footprint;

- Increase the security of the company’s digital assets with hybrid work policies becoming more prevalent.  

Personalized Campaigns for all Audiences

With consumers exposed to content across multiple digital channels in multiple contexts over time, having a DAM platform allows marketers to meet different consumer demands by efficiently managing, organizing and segmenting a high volume of assets and their variations to activate all of its campaigns for its different audiences faster than its competition. 

For example, a DAM platform enables marketers to leverage marketing materials that are representative of all people in society, not just a subset of people, as all assets are stored in a single location. It is important to have a DAM taxonomy that is inclusive and avoids keywords that are stereotypical, and instead, leverage keywords that provide additional details about various assets to ensure the marketing materials are representing people from different cultures, identities, and genders in a respectful manner. 

With the ability to store an unlimited amount of established and emerging file types provides marketers an opportunity to also easily edit, and reformat assets with the marketing team’s favorite creative tools. 

For example, with different seasons/climate, demographics, cultures and psychographics coast-to-coast-to-coast - marketers are able to search, find and activate various versions of their digital assets for local, national and international campaigns to increase personalization while achieving a faster time to market with its assets properly indexed and centralized in a singular platform.    

Controlling Your Brand Consistency & Reducing Your Digital Carbon Footprint

With the rise of digitization and consumers having the ability to review products for millions to see online via a quick Google search or watching a Tik Tok influencer video, it's becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to manage and protect one's brand when activating campaigns. 

Having a DAM platform with the ability to provide Distributed Marketing allows marketers to protect and manage their brand better by: 

- Communicating consistent content by providing local partners with brand / regulatory guidelines and templates validated by corporate marketing teams;

- Ensuring content is always on brand by defining which aspects local partners can edit, limiting how logos, colors, messaging and fonts are employed; 

- Providing access to materials each local market requires while restricting usage by geography, user type and content type.

For example, wine & spirits brands who are planning their Labour Day or Canada Day campaigns, a DAM and Distributed Marketing allows marketers to re-format & edit certain parameters of the label to ensure a positive customer experience within specific communities. Understanding that the province of Québec does not celebrate Canada Day, but celebrates St-Jean Baptiste allows the marketer to edit the original assets and bring them up to date for this specific cultural , linguistic and geographical occasion within Canada, while still maintaining the same brand consistency nationally.  

Additionally, understanding postal code to postal code or city to city that their audiences are positively over indexing towards Earth Day or Star Wars concepts will provide an important factor for driving customer experience through the use of appropriate graphics and labeling for campaigns specific to either Earth Day or May the 4th be with you. 

In turn, having a Single Source of Truth DAM platform with the ability to store an unlimited amount of digital assets helps marketing teams meet their sustainability goals by reducing the companies digital footprint while still maintaining brand consistency by: 

- Having all assets stored in one location which reduces energy impact instead of having assets stored in different locations;

- Having a platform that tracks, measures and provides analytics regarding the companies energy consumption of all its digital assets; 

- Avoiding ad hoc copywriting and design duplicates when unable to find master versions.

Increased Security of Assets: 

With work being distributed outside of office walls, maintaining and ensuring the security of the company's digital assets is of prime importance. Three to four years ago (particularly pre-pandemic), having assets stored on a local desktop or in a folder was accepted. However, with hybrid and remote working environments becoming more prevalent, a DAM platform provides the ability to marketers to safely store their assets.

With a DAM, marketers are able to securely share one or a collection of assets internally or with agency partners using a single link. The platform allows the marketer to assign different roles and permissions in order for each user to have an appropriate and dedicated access to view, download and edit files. 

Additionally, the DAM platform provides marketers peace of mind, as it can also alert marketers to the use of unauthorized content. The DAM platform attaches copyright information to each asset to ensure proper media rights usage. 

To conclude, a DAM system provides marketers with a Single Source of Truth library and an efficient streamlined process to tackle day to day issues with ease while steering into the visual content economy in order to create more personalized campaigns, control brand consistency while also achieving digital sobriety and increasing the security of your digital assets.  

At Wedia, we are a world wide Top 10 DAM vendor platform recognized by Forrester, Gartner, and Constellation Research. We strive to solve complex challenges, and believe Fortune 500 companies who properly leverage a DAM platform have an incredible advantage in the marketplace vis-a-vis its competitors. 

Looking to learn more about DAM platforms or are actively looking for a vendor - contact Damien Hilgendorf, Enterprise Sales Executive for the North American Market to dive deeper in all things DAM.  

Damien Hilgendorf 


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