How did Bayer use Wedia’s DAM to accelerate their brand identity?

26 Mar


Written by

Louise McNutt




How did Bayer use Wedia’s DAM to accelerate their brand identity?
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Bayer is a global enterprise, headquartered in Germany that operates in the life science fields of healthcare and agriculture. With over 100,000 employees worldwide, and with a business focused on pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology products, Bayer is a multi-faceted company spread over multiple locations. 

Bayer’s decision to invest in a DAM platform

Bayer’s brand is an important part of conveying the company values of science, performance, innovation and sustainability. Upholding brand consistency is crucial for this global company, which is why they decided to replace their former marketing and communication database with a new Digital Asset Management (DAM) one. 

This would give all employees, spread out over multiple locations, the opportunity to have access to a unified platform for all brand resources. Bayer, like many global companies, realized the potential of images to illustrate its work and as such needed a reliable and secure platform to store their photos, designs and videos. 

Fostering collaboration 

A Single Source of Truth is a means of uniting assets and data in one central location and ensuring that all users are viewing and modifying the same asset, in real time. This avoids multiple versions of an asset being saved and helps promote consistency, particularly across large organizations.

Bayer, as well as having a large internal workforce, works with a variety of partners including press, design companies and other internal Bayer portals. A DAM system such as Wedia’s was put in place to ensure that anyone looking for a specific asset is easily able to locate it. Bayer can also ensure that only validated and brand approved media is added to the DAM environment. This results in a controlled user environment, which in turn protects the Bayer brand. What’s more,  Bayer embedded templates for several social media posts and intranet posts which means users can easily crop images to the correct size, meaning that the correct format is consistently being used. 

An integrated MarTech stack 


As a large, international company Bayer’s marketing and communication department uses a number of digital tools to manage their communications. These include Bayer’s Intranet, Empower, the Wedia Content Picker for Microsoft, and a Shutterstock Connector to synchronize all assets licensed within the platform. 

An important part of choosing the right DAM provider for Bayer was the ability for it to slot in easily to their MarTech stack. Wedia’s DAM offers full marketing and technology stack integration which means that it was able to perfectly adapt to Bayer’s existing tools in order to allow a joined-up approach to the marketing and communication teams workload. 

With a customized DAM sign in page that has the exact look and feel of Bayer’s Brand portal, users are actually unaware that they are switching between two systems as they are perfectly integrated to one another, creating a more fluid working experience for Bayer’s employees. 

A user-driven environment 

With 60,000 Bayer employees having access to the DAM platform since the launch and an average of 9,000 unique users per month, it was crucial that the DAM environment was perfectly suited to their needs. 

This is why Wedia has built Bayer’s offering to include: 

  • A media library that is seamlessly connected to Bayer’s brand portal meaning that users feel that they are only interacting with one platform
  • Enhanced asset search thanks to clear filters so users can easily locate what they are looking for 
  • Simplified user managements so that independent accounts can be created 

Testimony to the success of the solution at Bayer is that an average of 105,000 downloads are performed per month.  

AI-enhanced tools 

In order to support Bayer’s content creation needs, their DAM offering has integrated AI abilities. This means that Bayer’s users can improve their video and image management through keywords and smart cropping.

“Fast, seamless, intelligent – Wedia’s DAM solution meets our expectations perfectly and guarantees global consistency for all our brand communication. The Wedia team did an excellent job to let us handle marketing challenges of the digital era with ease.”

- Jun Tang, Global Corporate Brand Manager at Bayer

Upholding brand identity 

Wedia’s DAM solution for Bayer has helped build a strong platform of up-to-date advertising and visual content that has been approved and is ready to be used. At present the Mediapool platform has 28,000 assets and is continuing to grow. 

By having copyright, image and intellectual property rights attached to each asset, Bayer’s internal and external users can be reassured that they are not risking non-compliance with any media. 

Global marketing campaigns 

Bayer is a large international company and as such has many different teams that need access to marketing materials and to add their individual projects to a platform. Creating a DAM system for Bayer meant building a brand portal where users were empowered to build their own campaigns, based on defined brand guidelines. 

Social media asset can be created based off these guidelines as well as using design templates such as posters or brochures independently, knowing that they are brand approved. 

What’s more, workflows can be established within Bayer’s DAM meaning teams spread over multiple projects can easily and efficiently track their progress. 

To find out more about how Bayer uses their DAM, download the case study

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