Tripnity, creator of the SaaS platform Iconosquare, joins the Wedia group!

20 May


Written by

Sara Jabbari




Tripnity, creator of the SaaS platform Iconosquare, joins the Wedia group!
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Founded in 2005, Tripnity has made a name for itself thanks to the success of its powerful analytics platform, Iconosquare, a digital communication management & planning tool designed for brands and agencies looking to strengthen their presence on social networks. Tripnity, the first platform to be integrated with TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, now employs 50 people in France and Germany (including 25 in Product Development, DevOps, Data Analytics, and UX).

Tripnity and Wedia, Perfectly Complementary Know-How

The new entity has more than 150 employees, €20 million in total revenue, and an ARR (SaaS revenue) of over €12 million, 50% of which is from overseas. With this acquisition, the Wedia group is strategically strengthening its position in the market for the management, distribution and measurement of content, within a global context where it has now become more crucial than ever for businesses to take control of their digital presence.For Wedia’s founder, Nicolas Boutet: “Wedia enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their marketing content & visuals, and deliver the best digital experience across all channels. With Iconosquare, we are able to provide a seamless solution to manage all marketing content & visuals, deliver them dynamically across all social networks and digital channels, and ultimately measure the effectiveness of that marketing content. It’s a unique, comprehensive turnkey solution.”Wedia’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution enables large companies to store, manage and distribute their marketing visuals on a large scale. The simplicity of DAM for large-scale distribution is one of Wedia’s real strengths. Iconosquare now provides analytics on the performance of your content across your various social networks, enabling you to identify the best performing content. By the same token, you can also identify your worst performing content, enabling you to work on areas of improvement. The solutions powered by Wedia and Tripnity are therefore perfectly complementary.

Iconosquare, Tripnity’s Flagship Product

Created in 2011 under the name Statigram, Tripnity is designed for companies, agencies and influencers looking to better manage their presence on social networks (e.g. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Thanks to the platform’s advanced analytics and numerous features, users can optimise their editorial strategy and increase the engagement of their communities. Iconosquare now boasts over 10,000 clients worldwide, including National Geographic, Patagonia, Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and Mike Horn.Iconosquare goes beyond being only a social network analytics platform. The whole team works together to make a positive impact on the world at every opportunity. Whether it’s donating funds to non-profit organisations, investing in social impact start-ups and then leveraging our skills to help them grow, taking steps to reduce our own carbon footprint, or simply collecting waste in our local communities, Iconosquare’s top priority is always the planet.

Tripnity and Wedia, Both Committed Digital Players

Tripnity is positioned as a committed digital player. The company’s primary objective is to use technology to meet current challenges. This acquisition is as much about sharing common values as it is about combining the two players’ respective complementary positions. This has led to a series of concrete commitments based on the corporate purposes of the companies within the enlarged group. These include promoting digital sobriety, commitment to the community, and a strong local footing. The decision to join forces therefore stems from the strong will of their founders – as well as all the dedicated teams who have been working on their respective projects for nearly twenty years – to deliver ambitious and harmonious growth in keeping with their founding values.


Complex times call for smart tools to meet new marketing challenges and ways of working. Wedia’s solutions include various features to help global players achieve their business objectives. Wedia provides a SaaS solution for both Digital Asset Management and Media Delivery and Digital Experience. Our solutions focus on omnichannel marketing media management & distribution, enabling businesses to deliver a quality customer experience across all communication & distribution channels.

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