That’s a wrap! We round up the best Wedia articles from 2023.

20 Dec


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Louise McNutt




 That’s a wrap! We round up the best Wedia articles from 2023.
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Another year is coming to a close but here at Wedia much has happened during the course of 2023. From advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a new understanding of digital carbon footprints, the world of DAM and indeed digital marketing has once again undergone many exciting changes. 

Here we take a look back at some of the notable articles of 2023 and give you another chance to journey back with us. 

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What is the environmental impact of digital technology?

Here we delve into the ecological impact of digital technology, emphasizing the tangible environmental footprint associated with various digital activities, like servers, user terminals and communication networks. 

The article also uncovers the environmental cost of the entire life cycle of digital products, including design, raw material extraction, manufacturing, energy consumption during use, and recycling. Notably, digital technology contributes to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with a potential doubling by 2025. 

We consider how using tools such as Digital Asset Management (DAM) can help companies, and in particular creative and marketing teams, minimize their carbon footprint, as we work towards a greener more aware relationship with the digital world.

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DAM vs CMS: 4 major differences 

In this article, we explore the choice between Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms, highlighting their distinct capabilities. For many companies, the decision depends on whether content creation is solely for websites or extends to various channels like social media and e-commerce. 

The major differences between DAM and CMS are discussed, including primary functions, asset types, workflow collaboration, and distribution. We also look at how combining the power of both DAM and CMS, through integration, provides a comprehensive solution for effective processes and improved customer experiences.

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Wedia’s personal favorite

Generative AI and DAM: a new era for creating content

OpenAI's ChatGPT, a human-like chatbot, has gained widespread use since its November 2022 launch, driving the surge in Generative AI (Gen-AI). This article traces the evolution of content marketing and highlights Gen-AI's role in meeting the demand for personalized content. Gen-AI, a subset of AI, creates diverse content types by learning from large datasets. It impacts various industries, from creating award-winning images to aiding in personalized campaigns. 

Our article explores Gen-AI's types and synergy with Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms, emphasizing its role as an inspiring tool, but notably not a replacement for human creativity. Integrated into DAM, Gen-AI enhances media libraries and sparks marketing team creativity, revolutionizing content creation for brands.

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A New Year and a new chapter

From the environmental impact of digital tech to the DAM vs CMS debate and exploring Generative AI's synergy with DAM, it's been an incredible journey. We delved into tangible effects, distinctions, and the transformative power of AI in content creation. As we step into 2024, we carry these insights, anticipating more innovations in the DAM landscape. Happy New Year!

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