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DAM for the CPG Industry : A Must-Have Tool for Consumer Packaged Goods Brands

How can Digital Asset Management (DAM) for the CPG industry address the specific challenges of product marketing? Challenges that call for the appropriate and tailored technological solutions. Consumer packaged goods form an integral part of our everyday phygital life. So, if they want to stand out, it is in the best interests of CPG companies to implement a DAM solution tailored to meet the challenges of their brands. Let’s take a closer look at some of these issues and see how DAM for the CPG sector can support brands’ marketing strategies.

How can you automate the production process of content and media, and simplify their sharing? How can you efficiently organize distributed marketing when you are a manufacturer relying on a network of partners or distributors? How can you ensure that marketing teams, often spread around the world, can quickly find the visual they’re looking for? How can you respond effectively to the new omnichannel nature of sales processes, further accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic?

While there is certainly not one and the same answer to any of these questions, none of the possible answers can avoid the implementation of a true enterprise DAM.

Equipped with tools that are often slow, poorly optimized and non-ergonomic, CPG companies have problems efficiently organizing their product marketing and communication strategy. These problems can quickly result in a loss of competitiveness on the market, and thus a decline in turnover.

Find out how Wedia’s DAM solution addresses the challenges and marketing needs of consumer goods brands. Learn more about DAM for the CPG industry.

Why should major retail and CPG brands be interested in DAM

In times of health crisis, such as the current one, omnichannel and e-commerce take on considerable importance. Consumers are now massively using the websites of major retailers to make their purchases. These elements reinforce the need to have quality visuals and a coherent communication in order to sell products online. 

If you don’t have the right system and processes in place to help you, managing the content issues involved in today’s multi-channel customer journey is an extremely complex and time-consuming task, not to mention one with a potential for error. 

Technologies such as DAM solutions for the CPG industry are transforming the way internal teams and different players in the value chain collaborate. They enable them to use content and media in a much more comfortable and secure way.

By enabling them to collaborate and share knowledge and resources, DAM systems provide the ideal framework for increasing the effectiveness of marketing and sales actions.  

Many tools do not provide data on the content you share and use. Wedia’s DAM solution for the CPG industry gives you the ability to make the best decisions based on the data it provides about your visuals. It provides you with information on whether your content works well or not. Armed with this information, your marketing teams will be able to act faster to create more relevant content and grow your company’s revenue. 

Ensure consistency of communication around the world

Direct or indirect distribution, in store or online, under brand names that sometimes differ from one country to another… For consumer goods brands, mastering visual content is key to equipping distribution and ensuring brand consistency on a large scale. 

The creation of a coherent brand image will allow consumers to recognize the company and the product they are looking for regardless of where they make their purchase. 

The Wedia DAM greatly facilitates the sharing of content in several different languages, while maintaining consistent communication, even across multiple markets.

Creating a positive and memorable customer experience

In the end, the proper circulation of this content largely defines the customer experience and its relationship to the product. Content must not only be diverse and attractive, but also personalized for each visitor and each context to enhance the user experience. This improvement is achieved through content scoring and analysis of marketing performance. It is essential that the customer’s relationship with the brand and its image be immediately striking and positive. 

DAM as a Single Source of Truth

For these companies, DAM therefore provides the key function of a “Single Source of Truth“. This means that the DAM makes references to the assets that the teams can work with confidently: images, videos, marketing documents with finely tuned modification rights to facilitate localization without distorting the brand. 

You are then assured that all your teams are working with the most recent versions of your digital assets and that the consistency of your group’s communication will be maintained. 

A food production company like Savencia, the world leader in cheese and dairy specialties, consolidates more than 2,000 digital marketing and packaging contents for use by the group’s 29 brands, all of which is accessible to its 11,000 employees. 

An enormous productivity gain with DAM for the CPG industry

On this scale, there’s no way we’re going to let everyone wander around for hours looking for a visual. Content categorization and search functions should allow quick access to product packshots, campaign visuals, etc. 

Productivity is also guaranteed by integrating DAM with existing PIM (Product Information Management) solutions as well as with brand or retailer e-commerce sites. In addition, DAM allows you to categorize and search for your content according to your company’s operating and organizational rules. 

Thanks to advanced search functionalities (full text, faceted, Artificial Intelligence…), your teams will be able to find the content they need very quickly. The considerable time saving generated by the use of the Wedia DAM allows teams to gain in productivity and thus to allocate more time to different tasks. 

DAM as a support for distributed marketing

For these brands, enabling distributed marketing is another key reason to invest in DAM. It is indeed difficult to supply partner and franchisee networks without a solution that is capable of providing them with customizable material (print, digital). For international companies, it is essential to be able to customize their communication according to the audience and the market they address. 

A DAM solution also allows brands to understand how their teams use the different content made available to them and to keep control of the brand image, while supporting local initiatives. The same content can be broken down by entering metadata specific to each brand, business unit or country in your group. 

Wedia, a SaaS software company, offers leading international brands a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, an online marketing software meeting the needs of a content-centric marketing strategy.

The Wedia DAM solution supports marketing teams in the CPG industry by helping them overcome the challenges they face. Wedia supports international brands in enhancing the value of their marketing content, from creation to distribution, with the sole objective of increasing brand awareness and boosting business activity.


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