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Digital Asset Management for Travel and Tourism Brands – 5 Key Benefits

While companies of all sizes and verticals can benefit from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to organize, share and distribute their marketing assets, the implementation of a DAM can be a game changer for travel and tourism brands because they rely heavily on the use of images, videos and UGC content to engage consumers and drive business. 

For these companies, such as airlines, cruises, hotels and tourist attractions, rich visual content has become a key way to attract, encourage and inspire potential customers to book their flights, hotels and activities for their next destination. After all, their goal is to sell unique experiences – they need to be able to convey these experiences to potential customers with engaging, relevant and authentic content. 

But in our fast paced digital world, marketing and communications teams need to take into account many considerations, such as making sure content is consistent, channel-specific and personalized to the viewer. They therefore need to able to prepare, manage and keep track of a growing volume of assets, available in a variety of formats, sizes and variations. This can be a gigantic chaos for companies that don’t properly organize their media and  simplify these processes by adopting the appropriate tools. 

How can a DAM system help travel brands? 

A Digital Asset Management solution can make life a whole lot easier for travel brands. By providing a centralized and secure library (SSOT) to store, organize and retrieve brand and marketing assets, a DAM helps teams improve collaboration, brand consistency and productivity. 

Wedia outlined 5 key ways a DAM can benefit brands in the tourism and travel industry. Download our free eBook “Digital Asset Management for Travel and Tourism Brands” to discover what they are.

eBook: Digital Asset Management for Travel and Tourism Brands