Create mixed media playlists using Wedia DAM

How to Engage Website Visitors with Mixed Media Playlists Created from your DAM

Rich media like videos, photos or 3D images are valuable marketing assets, as they leave a much more lasting impression and impact than simple text-based copy and other forms of content. But how can you offer dynamic and rich visual experiences with this type of content? Discover our how-to video on how to engage viewers with mixed media playlists using the Wedia DAM solution.

In our last video of our how-to video series, we explored the ways a DAM solution can help brands share and manipulate their video content on a daily basis, from clipping and transforming videos into bite-sized subclips, video teasers or animated GIFs, to seamlessly sharing various versions of these videos on social media or email platforms. 

Remember, while video can be expensive and time-consuming to produce, it is also an extremely effective medium for both B2B and B2C brands. According to the State of Video Marketing 2020 Report, 83% of video marketers say video helps them generate leads, while 80% say video has directly helped increase sales. It’s therefore fundamental to maximize the usage and effect of each video asset you create. 

By using a DAM solution, brands can easily adapt and repurpose their marketing videos to various lengths and formats, and ensure that their targeted audiences always consume their content in the most efficient and relevant version on every communication channel. Like content snacking, it’s about restructuring or recycling your published content in order to extend its reach, effectiveness and ultimately its lifespan and ROI.

While getting the most out of your videos is useful in a cost-cutting and ROI perspective, it ultimately boils down to one major marketing objective: improve the digital customer experience. 

Delivering an optimal content experience is key to driving user engagement – so key that we even wrote an entire eBook on this topic:  eBook – Your content at the heart of the customer experience. It entails displaying high-quality content, personalized and relevant to the specific context of the person visiting your website, blog, or social media account. 

You’ve probably heard the expression “create once, publish everywhere” when talking about content management and distribution. This same philosophy is applied in the world of Digital Asset Management: DAM platforms give you the ability to adapt and transform content, both manually and automatically, so that you never have to worry about speedbumps in your promotional strategy.

Wedia Digital Asset Management: From repurposing to reusing content

In our new how-to video, we explore how the Wedia DAM solution can help brands provide richer user experiences by helping them easily create and integrate mixed media playlists on their web pages. 

Upon selecting a number of media files in your DAM, including photos, 3D and 360 images as well as videos and PDF documents, either from already created boards or from your general repository of assets, you can easily generate an embed code from this group of assets and paste it to your web CMS. 

Mixed media playlist Wedia DAM

For example, you can insert a number of relevant photos that illustrate a product, from product photos to user-generated content, i.e. images that show people wearing, using or consuming that particular product. Or you may want to integrate videos and 360 images allowing viewers to virtually visit a specific venue, your latest car model or even their potential future home. Adding this versatile visual media to articles on your blog or product pages lets you provide more information and keep visitors engaged with your content, but it will also help lead users down the path to purchase your products or services. 

After all, today’s digital marketing climate is all about ’experience-based selling.’ Online we don’t just buy products or services, we buy through our ‘experiences’ with those products, and the visual imagery that portrays them. What better way to sell experiences than with compelling and immersive visual content? 

“There’s a DAM Playlist for that” – in your DAM

Media playlists have become immensely popular because they curate content based on the specified interests and tastes of listeners, viewers or readers. Playlists are a great way to discover new content and engage people with continuous streams of content, but there should be no reason that they be exclusive to one form of content at a time (music tracks, videos etc), or only be experienced on third party platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Spotify.  

With the Wedia DAM, you can group all types of assets in the same playlist, as well as choose from multiple customized player designs, from carousel and thumb overlays, to right and left menu playlists. This way, you can keep viewers engaged with dynamic visual experiences on every blog and website of your brand. 

Playlists can be manually created from your DAM in which you group and order a set of similar assets, or they can be automatically generated according to an algorithm which will ensure the most relevant content is displayed in the player. And since all of this media resides in your DAM solution, you can be sure that all marketing content shared is always up to date. 

With Wedia Digital Asset Management, you can successfully maximize the usage of every piece of content, whether that’s by repurposing it to make it more targeted, effective and share-worthy on your  communication channels, or by reusing it to enrich the user experience on your website or e-commerce site through complementary and engaging content. Either way, that is the ultimate promise of the Wedia DAM: make every interaction a happy encounter with your brand.


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