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Visual content is an integral part of every brand’s marketing efforts, helping drive engagement and conversions on their websites, blogs, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns. But with the explosion in volume of digital content, it can be almost impossible for companies to track the use of their visual assets: where and how they’re being used, who is using them, which ones should be updated etc.… How can image search and tracking technology help businesses respond to this situation? 

Wedia Image Search and Tracking

Do you know where and how your images are being used online? According to Hubspot’s Visual Content Marketing Statistics of 2020, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, and 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. But with today’s proliferation of visual marketing content and distribution channels, it is likely that your assets are distributed online without your knowledge or without the proper monitoring.

Brands invest heavily in the creation of high-quality visual content, like images, videos, infographics etc. – it’s only normal that they should understand and monitor this content throughout its entire lifecycle, including the post distribution phase. If not, they can lose sight of whether they’re upholding brand standards, respecting their contractual obligations, or measuring the ROI of their visual marketing efforts.   

Wedia’s new add-on to its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, “Image Search and Tracking,” is focused on helping brands take back control of their visual content by understanding how their images are being used online, and whether they are being used in the right context. 

We’ve rounded up some of the main functionalities and use cases on what you can expect from the new add-on:

What are some of the main functionalities of the Image Search and Tracking add on?

Scan websites 

The Wedia Image Search and Tracking add-on allows you to scan a large number of websites and perform a reverse image search to identify identical or similar images, making a list of the target websites.

Create personalized alerts

You can program alerts linked to specific visuals. The add-on will notify you almost in real time if a monitored visual is used online. 

Mark and trace visuals 

The add-on, Image Search and Tracking, allows you to watermark the most sensitive visuals in order to have an indelible trace during downloads. When images are leaked and found, you can easily find the information linked to the download. 

Supports all formats 

The image search does not only cover images alone. It can also find videos and pieces of images even if they have been cut off.

How does the new Image Search and Tracking add on benefit your organization?

Improve and unify brand consistency

Your brand’s logo, graphic charter and messaging may change over time. With image search capabilities, a company can quickly identify obsolete visuals and take steps to update them in record time. It allows you to respect your brand and corporate identity by ensuring your most recent logo is used, as well as the quality of your marketing content (respect of source images, format, spaces and dimensions …).

Respect copyright of images

Take action when images for which you no longer have the rights (specific contractual period) are still being used by subsidiaries, partners, publishers, etc.

Control and guarantee any visual exclusivity 

Ensure that the exclusivity of your visuals is respected and identify unauthorized online use of your images. 

Ensure the monitoring of partner sites

Facilitate the work of monitoring images on your partners’ websites, without the need to monitor each of them individually. The function helps you check whether image rights are not infringed on these sites, helping you avoid significant financial compensation due to image-related regulations. 

Measure the success your visual marketing content

Your company can measure the success of your visual assets on different distributors and partner sites and identify which ones perform the best in order to improve your marketing ROI.

Ready to discover how your images are being used? Get in touch with one of our experts to find out.


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