Keep track of the copyright terms of your photos and videos

Your photo rights are updated?

Your media library no doubt contains a substantial volume of photos. Managing the usage rights to these images can quickly become daunting if you try to do it manually.

How can you make sure your photos are all legally up to date at all times? And, that your regional and global teams can use them?

To keep a handle on copyrights, make sure to enter the date in the copyright expiration field when indexing your photos.

When this expiration date rolls around, the software will automatically remove the affected photos from the front end. But, they’ll still be stored back end, but won’t be visible to users anymore.

Wedia helps you to manage your photos

To simplify the daily management of your images, Wedia also allows you to view the copyright expiration dates for photos. Either for a specific period (during the week, month, year) or in absolute terms. What’s more, you’ll receive an e-mail just before the images’ expiration date. It giving you a chance to renegotiate the rights to them with the photographer before they expire.

All that’s left for you to do then is to modify the expiration date by replacing it with the new one. Which will be applied automatically to any other photos you have selected.

Wedia also gives you the option of selecting a filter when you run a front-end search that hides images whose copyrights are about to expire (in two weeks, three months, etc.). This allows your teams to avoid choosing photos to illustrate a campaign that they will then have to change quickly because their copyrights have expired – helping avoid the waste of time and money this necessarily entails.

All of these functions can of course also be applied to your videos on Wedia.

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