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How to Track your Marketing Content with Wedia’s DAM Solution

For brands, it is essential to be able to offer a rich, coherent and engaging customer experience in order to stimulate sales, but it is equally important to maintain consistent branding across all distribution channels. Knowing where and when your marketing content has been published is crucial to achieving this goal. Find out how a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution like Wedia’s can help you track your marketing content and control its use online. 

With the current proliferation of marketing and communication channels, it can be very difficult for large companies to monitor the consistency of their media across all customer touchpoints, whether on brand-specific or external sites (partners). But why is this so important? Brand consistency is based on the multiple elements created to bring a company to life, such as product visuals, logos, slogans, the graphic charter, and more. It is made up of impressions, perceptions and beliefs, and can be defined as the affective representations that a person has of a brand. To maintain a strong connection with your customers (and potential customers), it is therefore essential to be able to convey a consistent image across the different communication channels, and even different markets. So knowing which of your marketing content has been published when, and on which website, is vital. How can a DAM solution help you to easily track your marketing content while controlling its use online? 

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Track marketing content with ease using a DAM solution

We’ve said it many times, being able to find content quickly is essential for large companies’ marketing departments to run smoothly. Thanks to the Wedia DAM solution, with its content distribution and scoring features, this is now possible. You can see details of when and where your content is published whether on websites internal or external to your company. DAM also gives you access to lots of other information such as the number of impressions or level of engagement for each piece of content, for example. 

This ability to distribute media across the different “touchpoints” allows you to save considerable time, and offers a smooth and coherent omnichannel user experience. 

Maintain consistent branding

Brand management is not only crucial for conserving your company’s reputation; it also plays a major role in building your brand identity and increasing your customers’ loyalty and trust. Brand management is a fundamental aspect of marketing and plays a huge role in the success of any business. Building a brand takes time, and maintaining a consistent brand image is key. The Wedia DAM solution has all the tools you need to quickly and easily monitor your visual content. This will allow you to keep an eye on your communications and your brand image as a whole.

Ensure proper use of your content

Digital rights management helps you to ensure that this digital media is used correctly across your different channels and markets. The copyright information associated with images/media gives details of the photographer, the place it was taken, the dates and duration of authorized use, and the channels and markets in which it can or cannot be used. Thanks to this information, you can better control your image licenses and prevent any use of expired content, thereby avoiding fines as a result of copyright infringement.


In these complex times, having tools that cater to new ways of working is essential, and the Wedia solution has proven itself capable of coping with the new ways in which we work. 

Wedia offers a Digital Asset Management SaaS solution that is backed up by the services of our experts (advice, integration, support, etc.) and dedicated to the management and omnichannel distribution of marketing media, to enable companies to offer the best possible customer experience across all communication and sales channels.


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