Wedia DAM is TISAX certified

Wedia DAM, the automotive sector’s best ally is TISAX® certified!

We are proud to inform you that as from February, the Wedia Digital Asset Management solution is TISAX® certified! Every day, considerable volumes of data are created and exchanged by automotive sector stakeholders. A guarantee of reliability and quality, this certification, created by the German automotive industry, provides an effective solution to this critical security issue.

What exactly is TISAX® certification?

TISAX®, standing for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, is an assessment and exchange mechanism for corporate security and information and allows validation of assessment results between participants. It was created on the initiative of the VDA (the German automotive industry association) and is a brand of the ENX association. With a three-year validity, this certification guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information exchanged between automotive sector stakeholders.

Based on an information security management system (ISMS) similar to ISO 27001, it is adapted to the requirements of the automotive industry and the exchanges between the various stakeholders of the sector.

For Wedia, TISAX® certification is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

The Wedia Digital Asset Management solution was TISAX® certified in February 2022 by the Berlin branch of the cabinet Deloitte. Wedia is one of the very few players on the Digital Asset Management market to have been awarded this certification.

In the words of Sébastien Levy, Wedia’s Chief Operating Officer: “We are very proud to have been TISAX® certified with a grade 3, the highest possible.  This is the proof, via the audit conducted by Deloitte, that we satisfy all the data confidentiality and security requirements both in regard to IT and organization.

This certification is an excellent guarantee of reliability and strengthens our position as trusted partner for leading companies in all sectors of business.“

In addition to having been awarded TISAX certification, Wedia has long been certified ISO27001, Cybervadis and complies with all European GDPR requirements, thus satisfying all present and future reliability and quality criteria.

Why should automotive sector companies be interested in DAM?

Never before has the automotive market relied so heavily on visual contents.

A number of manufacturers have even launched their car sales 100% online, thereby emphasizing still further the importance of these visuals in all digital marketing strategies.

While, to purchase a car, the average time buyers spend searching online is around 14 hours, it is still essential to visit a dealership also in order to carry out a real trial.                                        

Management of digital media must thus satisfy all these needs and all these channels. While communication agencies know how to handle source files to adapt their creations, car dealers need to possess simple, productive tools to customize a leaflet, a flyer, images for the Web and social media, or a video sequence. As for journalists, they need not only to access several formats of visual contents but also to do so at the right time, in other words only when an embargo is lifted after an advertisement. Fans of the brand – influencers or not – are also fond of visual contents that it is in the manufacturer’s best interests to monitor their consumption to assess their popularity. Website visitors will appreciate the customized digital experience, the visuals in their image, a vehicle configurator displaying the elements to which they are sensitive, a vehicle presenting their favorite color, and why not even background scenery to show the region in which they live.

The new consumption modes, highly digitalized, lead to an increased need for photos and videos. However, the automotive sector keeps, apart from a few exceptions (e.g.: Tesla online sales, including for used vehicles), a sales model based on a dealer network aimed at multiple markets. Markets to which it is naturally necessary to adapt, and better still, be able to “free” the local marketing forces.

Wedia, a SaaS software publisher, offers to a number of international leading brands corporate Digital Asset Management (DAM) and includes among its customers one of Europe’s leading car manufacturers, as well as North America’s iconic motorcycle manufacturer.

Wedia supports marketing teams with a DAM solution able to satisfy the needs of the automotive sector and to enhance their marketing content, from creation through to distribution, with the sole aims of increased recognition and a “boosted” business activity.


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