Wedia and damdy merge to create the most advanced DAM solution on the market

We’re delighted to announce that, on 2 October 2017, Wedia finalized the acquisition of damdy to create an even more high-performance Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution geared towards new types of media: interactive video, virtual reality, 3D, immersive experiences, etc.

Damdy develops solutions to manage and distribute digital contents. With over 100 client projects in the cloud, damdy is one of the main Microsoft Azure partners for DAM and Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) solutions. In addition to a technical recognition, its Microsoft Azure know-how complements well with Amazon AWS expertise already implemented by Wedia.

What are the benefits?

Any Wedia customer that manages growing volumes of videos will immediately benefit from an enhanced video capabilities through damdy innovative services (Artificial Intelligence, enterprise CDN, etc.).

In turn, damdy clients will be able to expand their SaaS services by implementing functions for collaborative content creation (marketing planning, creative review, workflows, etc.) and distributed marketing (localization of marketing collaterals by sales forces, distribution networks, franchises, etc.).

What’s coming?

“We consider video and interactive experiences as fundamental to foster better communications in the future.” says Nicolas Boutet, Wedia CEO. “Damdy has taken a dominant position in the domain. Thus their expertise strengthens Wedia and unlocks further capabilities in all types of assets – everything from inception to diffusion of campaigns.”

“Wedia is the major player in Marketing Resource Management solutions.” asserts Julien Fauvel, damdy CEO. ” Joining them allows us to offer multi-cloud solutions and to steadily converge towards a unified roadmap, in two specific areas: in artificial intelligence applied to analyzing and enriching assets, as well as in data driven content strategy, which is the cornerstone to the success of tomorrow’s campaigns.”

In this way, damdy and Wedia plan to carry on their investments in technologies dedicated to the future of “content marketing”. Our aim is to build a common unique SaaS solution to meet our challenges and to support their content marketing and communications strategies.

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