Streamlining content management: Wedia's enhanced Creative Workflow feature facilitates approval processes

7 May


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Louise McNutt




Streamlining content management: Wedia's enhanced Creative Workflow feature facilitates approval processes
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In March 2024, Wedia launched Creative Workflow, a feature of Wedia’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) offering users of the platform an enhanced collaborative approach to managing their content projects. This new feature forms part of the core DAM offering, meaning all users will have access to the tool. 

With marketing and communication teams often working on multiple, content-heavy projects, keeping track of the status of each project, the approval process and interacting with internal and external stakeholders can be laborious and time consuming. 

The Creative Workflow feature helps to remedy this, by building a central hub for content projects which all stakeholders of a project (internal and external) can easily access, contribute to, and be informed when their participation in the project is necessary (for example, to approve an asset or check a recent comment). 

Feedback and approval processes are centralized within the Creative Workflow feature and any given content project becomes streamlined, with all relevant uploads of assets, exchanges between team members and indexation of assets taking place within a dedicated workflow. 

Creative Workflow goes further

Wanting to enhance further the feature, Wedia has now launched an upgrade to the Creative Workflow feature, adding an “Ask for Approval” setting which aims to streamline the validation process for Wedia’s clients. 

Within companies, particularly large international ones which have diverse teams spread over different locations, working on a content project can be slowed down by not having access to the right tools. 

For a project to go live, there are multiple steps involved and indeed multiple stakeholders. 

Using the Creative Workflow feature, users can initiate a project, have external users such as agencies upload relevant assets and manage conversations about changes needed to get these assets in line with the project’s objectives and the brand image. 

Once this has taken place, the creative project must be seen and approved by all relevant parties. This could include senior management and legal teams who need to sign off on various elements of the assets linked to each project, ensuring copyright and brand image are protected. 

This is where the “Ask for Approval” setting becomes an incredibly useful tool. 

How does it work? 

When assets are ready, the Project Manager can click on, “Ask for Approval” for each relevant media.

They will then be able to select the people who must approve the media. This could include the legal team or senior heads of department. 

Each relevant person will as such get a request for approval and be directed to an interface where they will access only the relevant media for them that they need to approve. 

Once directed to the interface, each user can approve or reject media, or indeed make comments. This can be done by individual asset or as a group of assets. 

After each user who needs to approve an asset has done so, the asset will automatically be updated to “approved” status. If comments are made or the asset is rejected by only one person, it will be set to “to be modified”. 

The process is automated ensuring that users are able to easily track the validation process. What’s more, a set of “validators” can be assigned to a primary group, and only once all members of this group have approved the media, will the workflow move onto the next set of validators. 

Project Managers can as such easily follow the status of each project and the approval process. 

The Wedia DAM evolves

Ever conscious of the growing demand on marketing and communication teams, Wedia continues to build its DAM system to ensure that it responds to the way of working today and in the future. 

Providing a truly collaborative space within the DAM means diverse organizations can better manage their content projects, promoting easier exchanges between different stakeholders and allowing for each project to be carefully tracked. 

Interested in learning more? Check out the Creative Workflow feature. 

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