Streamlining innovative collaboration: exploring Wedia's Creative Workflow feature

19 Mar


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Louise McNutt




Streamlining innovative collaboration: exploring Wedia's Creative Workflow feature
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In Wedia’s latest webinar, CTO Olivier Grenet and Pre-Sales Manager, Vincent Grelier explain and demonstrate the newest feature of Wedia’s DAM, Creative Workflow

Wedia works with a variety of companies, across a range of sectors from distribution and retail to automotive, which means that we remain in tune with the needs and challenges of marketing and communication teams dealing with a variety of projects. 

We are proud that our clients choose to use our DAM solution on a long-term basis, meaning we are able to build strong working relationships and construct a solution which provides them with the tools they need to manage, store, distribute and track their assets. 

It is from these regular exchanges with our clients, along with our dedication to innovation, that we have built the Creative Workflow feature. 

A tool for collaboration 

In recent years, the use of various platforms by consumers has exploded. Whether it's ecommerce websites, TikTok or a brand’s app, the need to produce adapted, relevant content is becoming increasingly necessary. Without mentioning the need to tailor this content for different languages, cultures and markets the volume of images, videos and audio files is increasing exponentially and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. 

Marketing and communication teams are therefore juggling multiple projects at a time and need an easier way of managing and streamlining these in order to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Piloting a host of different projects, where assets need to be produced, means working with a team of both internal and external people. Whether it’s communication agencies or in-house legal teams, keeping up with the administrative side of project management can be time-consuming and take away from spending time on other more creative tasks. 

In the webinar, Oliver Grenet shows that 71% of creative professionals spend more than half their day on administrative tasks, with 60% struggling to get quality feedback, and 56% citing delayed feedback as the main cause of missed deadlines. 

Added to this, professionals are having to navigate between different communication methods; internal channels, emails, file sending sites etc. so keeping up with the status of any given project becomes tricky. Chasing the relevant party involved also wastes time and transforming comments made in email exchanges or verbally into useful feedback takes away from the heart of the project. 

Wedia as such wanted to reinvent the way in which projects could be managed, allowing for a centralized tool which gives internal and external project participants access to each project, whilst staying up to date with its progress. 

The DAM system created by Wedia has already been conceived to perfectly manage, store, distribute and track assets, but now with the Creative Workflow feature, the work that goes into creating assets can also take place within the DAM environment. 

A centralized project 

For companies using the Wedia DAM, they can now access the Creative Workflow feature to manage their projects. This means adding relevant team members and inviting external service providers such as creative agencies or photographers to join the project. 

Feedback is as such centralized into one place and each member of the project is able to monitor the status and be notified when they need to take action, reply or contribute. This helps to ensure deadlines aren’t being missed and the stages of a project can be clearly tracked by everyone involved. 

Let’s take a look at how a travel agency might use Creative Workflow for the creation of assets for an upcoming cocktail event: 

A project is created 

The travel agency establishes a new workspace, where they can add the relevant project members, inviting their external communications agency to participate by sending them a link to join the workspace. 

A new brief is added to the project workspace where key dates are specified, guidelines are shared and objectives outlined. 

Wedia Creative flow project creation

Assets are uploaded 

Thanks to the information set out in the brief, the agency is able to work on new assets and upload them directly onto the workspace. Once assets are uploaded, the system will automatically detect if there are any duplicates and flag them as such. 

Internal teams will then be notified of new assets added to the workspace and can check, comment, approve or reject each of them by altering its status. 

Wedia Creative Workflow asset upload

Providing helpful feedback 

The internal company can add comments to each of the assets if they need them to be updated or modified. 

This system helps to unify how feedback is created and sent between project members in order for it to be clearer and easier to understand. 

The relevant people can as such be tagged so they will receive a notification, although the feedback will be visible to everyone involved in the project. Comments can be made to a range of assets including images, videos and PDF documents. For videos requiring feedback, comments can be made at specific timecodes of the video in order to ensure that this is as precise and understandable as possible. 

Creative Workflow commenting on an asset

Comparing versions 

Once a new version of an asset has been uploaded onto the workspace, users can compare the old version against the updated one in order to check that the requested changes have been made. Comments will remain visible on the assets so users can see how they have been modified. 

Creative Workflow version comparison

Clear indexation 

Wedia’s DAM system is built to ensure that assets are easily found and identified. This applies to the Creative Workflow feature. Adding metadata to each asset can be done within the feature and is enhanced by AI tagging. This provides a way of unifying how assets are tagged, and they therefore become easily referenced from within the DAM after a project is completed. 

Creative Workflow asset indexation

A multi-format database

Within Creative Workflow, as within the DAM solution, a range of file types and formats can be uploaded. File types for Photoshop can as such be added and downloaded meaning that native files can be directly accessed by those who require them such as graphic designers. 

What’s more, there is no limit to how many files can be added to any one project, so Creative Workflow can adapt to even the very largest of projects. 

Making project management as seamless as possible 

In developing Creative Workflow, Wedia has sought to build a system that makes project management flow as intuitively as possible. Project members don’t need to be switching between various channels to follow the status of a project but will be automatically notified when they are required to intervene, for example when the legal team needs to provide the final validation. 

It is in this way that some of the administrative burden of project management gets taken away and marketing and communication teams are able to focus on the more creative aspect of asset creation. 

Discover the Creative Workflow feature now.

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