How to analyze the performance and use of your marketing content

17 Mar


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How to analyze the performance and use of your marketing content
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Do you manage hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, 3D and other media? Do you know by whom and on which channels this content is used? And which are the most effective in terms of engagement and sales? In what context? In which regions/markets? A DAM solution like Wedia’s can answer all these questions and more! So, how do the analytic features in Wedia’s Digital Asset Management platform provide you with the data you need to analyze the performance of your content and make more informed decisions about the content you create and deliver to your audience?

Understanding and measuring the use of your content in the DAM tool

Since your DAM involves a high volume of content and a multitude of users, it’s possible you could end up overlooking some important information. But there’s no need to panic – the Wedia DAM solution gives you lots of essential data about the way your solution is used. It can help you answer questions like how many people use your DAM? Are they internal or external employees? Maybe both? Who has what type of access (administrator, contributor, public rights)? How do your employees search for their content?

Utilisateurs DAM analyse

Breakdown of users

This will make it easier for you to understand how your users interact with your DAM solution. If you notice shortcomings or issues with use when reading the data, you can, for example, provide training or even onboarding if the need arises.

Analyse des contenus par type de médias

Breakdown of content by collection category and by type of media

Analyzing needs and the way in which content is searched to improve its classification

How much content do you have in your DAM? What types of assets (brand, product, marketing media), and in what format (images, videos, pdfs, etc.)?

Thanks to the data provided by Wedia’s DAM solution, it immediately becomes easier to ascertain the amount and type of content contained in your solution, but more importantly, the way in which this content is used and searched for.

Get real-time information on the status of your content (published, draft, etc.) and identify unfinished assets and fix bottlenecks in your creative workflows.

To optimize content classification and establish a better overview to analyze your content’s performance, the DAM solution lets you see which media are the most searched for, consulted and downloaded by users of your solution. Get data on individual content or sets of content (like the number of views and downloads, for example) to find out what types of assets are used the most (and least) across different departments, countries, and more.

Comment analyser la performance de vos contenus

Rankings: most viewed and most downloaded items

If you find that certain content is duplicated or simply no longer used, it may be useful to delete it to reduce the energy consumption of your data storage. That way, you’re doing something for the environment too, because yes, DAM can also be useful for protecting the planet!

Dashboards relating your DAM’s internal use are useful for understanding your users and how your assets are being used. But to make better content decisions, you need to know how customers are interacting with that content.

Analyze the performance of the content published from your DAM solution

Wedia’s DAM solution provides you with lots of important information on your media and audience. For example, you can see:

  • The total number of views for each piece of content and how this number of views has changed over a specific period.
  • A breakdown of views by country or by referring domain.
  • A breakdown of views by format (images, video, 360, etc.) and by type of content (for example, for videos: “pack shot“-type video, “How To” video, lifestyle video, etc).
  • Refine your search in Media Delivery and Digital Experience Analytics to get the total number of views for a specific product or product type by country (Spain vs. France) or by content type (packshot, lifestyle image).

With Wedia, you can create and save custom dashboards with all your relevant filters. You will be able to compare your content’s performance over different periods of time or in different markets, for example.

Wedia’s DAM metrics help you identify your best performing content and measure engagement throughout the customer journey, at every touchpoint, to deliver the right content to the right audience.

Comment analyser la performance de vos contenus

See the number of total views:

With DAM analytics data, use available insights and measurement tools related to your content’s consumption and use to make more informed decisions about the content you produce and deliver.

In these complex times, having tools that cater to new ways of working is essential, and the Wedia solution has proven itself capable of coping with the new ways in which we work.

We offer a Digital Asset Management SaaS solution that is backed up by the services of our experts (advice, integration, support, etc.) and dedicated to the management and omnichannel distribution of marketing media, to enable companies to offer the best possible customer experience across all communication and sales channels.

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