How Technip Energies successfully completed its DAM migration with Wedia

23 Nov


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Sara Jabbari




How Technip Energies successfully completed its DAM migration with Wedia
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During this interview with Caroline Chudeau, Brand Visual Identity Lead at Technip Energies, we explore how Technip Energies experienced its DAM migration to its new Wedia solution. Why did Technip Energies choose the Wedia solution? How did they prepare and manage this content migration? Get all the answers below!

Technip Energies

1. Can you tell us a little about Technip Energies and your role in the company? 

Technip Energies is a global company based in La Défense, France that offers engineering solutions for the energy industry and chemicals sector. We currently have more than 15,000 employees across 34 countries and work on the ongoing challenges of global energy transition. 

I work at Technip Energies as Brand Visual Identity Lead. I am part of the corporate communications team and look after branding, by making sure that everyone involved in communications respects the brand image and the company's graphic charter.

2. Why was Technip Energies looking for a DAM solution? What DAM challenges was Technip Energies facing?

Technip Energies was looking for a new DAM platform because our previous solution was not efficient or suitable enough for a large company. Consistency across visuals was a real issue, and Technip Energies wanted an effective solution that could offer everyone the same source of information like marketing and brand assets (logos, project photos, etc.) to produce coherent and uniform content. 

The previous solution at Technip Energies was also available in very few languages. They were therefore looking for a DAM tool with multilingual management. 

3. Why did Technip Energies choose the Wedia solution? How many solutions has Wedia DAM replaced?

 Technip Energies chose Wedia's DAM solution for its accessibility and its user-friendly interface. We were looking for a solution that was simple, suitable, easy-to-use and above all robust, that we could count on for years to come. The Wedia solution also offered different ways of using the interface with a lot of functions and features, which was a key issue for us.

Technip Energies Wedia DAM
Technip Energie's DAM homepage

Until 2016, Technip Energies was using a DAM system that no longer suited its needs, with an unpleasant interface. They were also using SharePoint to group visuals together, but this quickly proved limited. A more efficient and multifunctional solution, suitable for a global firm, was needed. They wanted different ways to upload images, to download them in different formats, be able to crop them, etc.

Our teams have a lot of different tools, and we didn't want to add yet another a tool that was tricky to understand. Wedia presented us with a solution that seemed the simplest and easiest to use.

Technip DAM Front office
Technip's new DAM solution

4. How did Technip Energies prepare for the migration of its content? What were the first steps? 

Content migration at Technip Energies was prepared with the help of various teams (communications, projects, etc.) by organizing a survey on the expectations and importance of the migration process: How are we going to migrate? How are we going to bring our new platform to life? 

Questions like these helped us to prepare for a successful migration, as well as to arrange its governance (with administrators, contributors, etc.), before establishing a plan that is practical and convenient for everyone, and above all, that does not end at migration! 

The first steps were therefore to facilitate migration by retrieving all the assets based in SharePoint and using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Wedia's technical team simplified the migration considerably so that the solution was convenient for everyone and simple for all employees.

5. Did you have any apprehensions at the time of your DAM migration? 

Technip Energies' apprehensions about migration were firstly the complexity of migrating content from a multitude of former solutions, as well as the technicality and timings of implementing the new platform. Also, the use of an FTP raised questions about the cybersecurity of content and forgetting to transfer certain files was sometimes problematic. It was important to stay focused. However, all of this apprehension turned into success, because everything went smoothly thanks to Wedia.

6. How long was the DAM migration process?

Thanks to Wedia, the migration process only took a week, just in time for the June 2022 deadline. First there was a test phase to make sure everything was working properly, then the solution was launched in July 2022.

7. What are the benefits of the new DAM solution? 

The benefits of the new Wedia DAM solution are, first and foremost, the availability of assets for the entire company. This means that anyone - across all 34 countries where Technip Energies operates - who needs to retrieve digital assets has an easy and simple access to them. 

And the regular updates mean we can continuously improve the platform and adapt the new version to our time, with a modern and innovative interface. The fact that the solution will evolve with us over time, as our needs develop and change, is also a huge plus. 

There is also the possibility of creating groups (a group of users representing the whole company, a communications team, etc.) which allows the platform's various users to stay organized and find their assets easily, while saving time, especially in light of their very technical field of work. 

"We are very satisfied with our new DAM solution."

8. What feedback have you had from users following implementation of the DAM Wedia solution? 

Currently, there are approximately 2,100 users of the solution, all of whom are satisfied and who have quickly got to grips with the platform thanks to the various explanatory tutorials and user guides established by the Wedia technical team. 

Wedia's support team has been very responsive to Technip Energies' queries and issues, and offers solutions and availability whenever there is any confusion. Technip Energies' main goal today is to continuously keep its Wedia platform alive. 

9. What are some tips or best practices you would like to share with a company considering a DAM migration? 

Our advice at Technip Energies to companies undergoing a DAM migration with Wedia would be to be well-organized, to define the objectives in advance, and to consult users and contributors before implementing the solution, because feedback is important prior to launch.

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