Digital Asset Management Use Case: Bayer

Bayer provides its employees and partners with a single source of truth library thanks to Wedia’s DAM solution

Bayer AG is a German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company and is one of the international leaders in the pharmaceutical sector. With its headquarters in Leverkusen, Bayer’s areas of business include pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology products. Bayer’s aim was to implement a unique single source of truth, accessible to all its employees as well as partners such as press, agencies etc. 

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Bayer’s marketing challenges

Bayer is operating in 83 countries on four continents and counts approximately 100,000 employees. The company provides innovative solutions designed to prevent, alleviate and treat diseases. Bayer’s leadership in agriculture provides tailored solutions for farmers to plant, grow and protect their harvests using less land, water and energy. 

To better manage and handle the company’s various marketing challenges, Bayer was looking for an intelligent and seamless marketing tool that would not only be easily accessible and usable for all its employees as well as partners (press, agencies, suppliers, other third parties etc.) but also guarantee brand consistency on all online and offline channels and touchpoints and therefore provide consistent customer experiences on all levels at any time. 

The desired platform needed to act as a central hub to organize, securely share and repurpose all digital assets and all types of media files (photos, videos, 3D, 360°, MS Office, PDF, InDesign documents…) while ensuring compliance. Another indispensable requirement for the new digital asset management solution was a smooth and seamless integration into its existing Martech stack, both technically and visually as Bayer wanted to maintain a visually coherent and user-friendly ecosystem. Concretely, this means that users can switch easily between Bayer’s existing brand tool (Identity Net) and the new DAM (Media Pool). The new solution has also been integrated with Bayer’s CMS Drupal. The Wedia solution can be easily paired with numerous applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and Emarsys as well as PIM software systems such as InRiver, Stibo or Pimcore. 


The Wedia solution

During an international tender lasting over several months, Wedia prevailed over its competitors and was chosen thanks to its various outstanding functionalities such as excellent automation and AI technologies in asset search and result display, powerful APIs, high customizability and its cloud structure. 

The new marketing solution, called Media Pool, is accessible to all 100,000 Bayer employees, which can create their access autonomously just by using their email address via an automated registration process. The new Media Pool fits perfectly into the Bayer universe, so users have the feeling of working with one single platform at all times. It is also directly connected with the existing Bayer brand center. 

User as well as asset management has been simplified through advanced search and segmentation functionalities. The platform also provides improved video and image management capabilities thanks to AI, like automatic subtitles, keywords, smart cropping etc. 

On top of the digital asset management solution, Bayer also opted for the implementation of Wedia’s Digital Experience Management module, including the Wedia Content Picker in order to facilitate and improve all tasks concerning their press portal. 

“Fast, seamless, intelligent – Wedia’s DAM solution meets our expectations perfectly and guarantees global consistency for all our brand communication. The Wedia team did an excellent job to let us handle marketing challenges of the digital era with ease.”

Jun Tang, Global Corporate Brand Manager

How Wedia’s Digital Asset Management solution benefits Bayer

Thanks to the implementation of the Wedia Digital Asset Management solution, Bayer benefits from: 

  • A unique media center: The new platform acts as “Single Source of Truth” for several thousands assets which can be easily stored, retrieved and shared in one place. All assets are validated and therefore safe to use. Time and cost savings around media use are also an advantage with the new platform.
  • Global diffusion functionalities: Bayer could also significantly improve their websites dedicated to press media. Thanks to the use of Wedia’s Digital Experience module, including the Content Picker, all relevant media can easily be added via drag and drop to the press section without leaving their CMS (Drupal). This helps them avoid downloading and switching from one platform to another while ensuring copyrights and compliance at all times.
  • A strong brand identity: Thanks to the Wedia solution, brand consistency is now achieved across all online and offline channels and touchpoints. The creation as well as the diffusion of legally correct (images rights, copyright, intellectual property rights etc.) media can easily be managed by both internal and external collaborators. The risk of non-compliance is therefore avoided.
  • User-friendliness & autonomy: The Media Pool is in particular characterized by its simple and intuitive use due to its advanced filter and search functionalities. The Media Pool enables its users to work independently with relevant media. 


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