Interactive Experience
Put users inside
your content

Immerse your viewers in unique customized experiences by inviting them to participate in your stories. Our interactive video offers multiple CTAs which are generated according to users’ choices and data in order to successfully educate or engage viewers.

Interactive Experience Personalization Enable viewers to choose their content at key moments

Customize user experience by requesting information
from each visitor and using their data
(preferences and interactions)

Create a number of distinct experiences from a single
video on the fly by detecting user context such
as language and environment
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Interactive Experience Brand storytelling Return control to users by making them the “hero” of their experience

Stimulate viewer interest and engagement while sharing brand values
and bringing users closer to the product

Strengthen your communication’s originality and content relevance

Make the user experience more active by offering multiple CTAs which guide the journey
and help prospects determine their own needs

Create a natural and dynamic link between the brand story and the product purchase
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Interactive Experience E-commerce Establish connections with a Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) or Product
Information Management (PIM) application
to collect and feed on customer and product
information collected from each experience

Convert prospects into customers by guiding
users through a continuous conversion process
which directs them towards the final sale

Increase and measure sales and marketing ROI
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Interactive Experience Industrialized Production Mass-implement the production process and manage dynamic customization
through industrialized production

Wedia provides templates that can be re-used and re-formatted by each country or subsidiary

The integration or modification of a CTA on a selected list of videos can be performed in an automated way

Detection of the browser language will trigger streaming of the video in the language
that corresponds to the appropriate CTA
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