Content Scoring: measurement as a lever for action.

When it comes to the performance of marketing content, it all starts and ends with usage. How do your prospects, customers or collaborators use your content? Which resources generate the most engagement? On which channels? Which devices? Answering these questions requires a content scoring solution that is truly “media centric”.


Content Scoring is about measuring the actual consumption of media (pdf, images, videos) and not the statistics of their distribution context.


In practice, content scoring requires the collection of all the distribution data for each piece of content. It looks like a visual dashboard in which you can drill down and manipulate your data. Only rich data visualization can synthesize large volumes of data to provide lessons and lines of action. Content Scoring is all the more effective because it takes advantage of the taxonomy in the DAM system (central media library). In other words, each element of the taxonomy represents a potential analytical dimension. This is enough to examine the performance of marketing content associated with a campaign, a business unit, a type of format, the people or objects included in it…


As part of DXM (Digital eXperience Management), Content Scoring can be further enhanced with data from third-party solutions (an e-commerce platform for example). This clarifies the context, particularly the journey to which the media files contribute. Does the consumption of visuals or videos reduce basket abandonment? And what are the most efficient assets in this context? This is what Content Scoring can help to analyze and understand in an e-commerce context.

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