Digital Asset Management: a unique repository of your marketing assets.

As our environment is increasingly digitized, the organization of companies’ digital assets is becoming more and more complex. Between the different versions of the same asset, which can coexist in several official or unofficial storage spaces, or even the sheer loss of data, it is crucial to equip yourself with a tool to control and organize the flow of content that your company produces. This is the role of Digital Asset Management or DAM.


What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?


Digital Asset Management brings together a set of features that help companies organize, store and share their digital resources or digital assets. It plays an essential role in a successful Marketing Resource Management strategy. The main objective of a DAM solution is to help a company make the most of the various media at its disposal (images, videos, audio files, 3D files and various marketing content).
While DAM solutions have long been the prerogative of large companies, the explosion of marketing material now makes them relevant also for SMEs and SMBs. Over time, DAM systems have been supplemented with new modules to become truly collaborative platforms suitable for both B2C and B2B companies.


Why use a DAM solution?


Faced with a diverse and growing volume of marketing content, it is important to effectively coordinate the various projects involving digital content management. DAM solutions make it possible to centralize and share these files, whether they are texts, images or videos, in the same repository. The sharing and smooth flow of all available resources within a company is essential to create the unity and relevance that ensures a strong brand image. A DAM facilitates the creation of more personalized and targeted campaigns that typically require more resources and investment. A DAM also improves communication between the various departments, brands and subsidiaries and with the service providers involved in the projects.

How do our customers use the Wedia solution?

Designed to be accessible to all users. A DAM solution integrates media classification and indexing. A single repository, therefore, but capable of segmenting content to meet the requirements of a group’s multiple brands or local offices. A search engine and an efficient indexing are generally available to easily find each deposited asset.


A solution that saves time and money. The DAM avoids the losses associated with the repeated design of already created media and thus frees up time to perform tasks with higher added value, in favour of a more effective marketing strategy.


At a time when work is being digitized, companies must manage the sometimes uncontrolled explosion in the number of assets and media, which can lead to two extremes: on the one hand, a multitude of content without any homogeneity, and on the other hand, a series of generic and formatted content that leaves the audience indifferent. To overcome this, a DAM solution makes it possible to establish a reliable framework, to set up a set of rules, graphic and visual charts to facilitate use without sacrificing brand consistency.


As the company’s true media library, the DAM also keeps track of all actions with content. In addition, it avoids the use of obsolete or unauthorized content. It thus assumes the role of a brand center at the service of a strong brand identity.


Storing photos and videos can become a logistical hell. High definition media are very storage intensive. They sometimes reach several gigabytes per media for videos. The risk of losing digital resources that have required sometimes considerable investments is a danger that a DAM solution can drastically reduce.


By guaranteeing the use of images and content during authorized periods, a DAM easily avoids any legal penalties for copyright infringement. With a minimum of information, the management of photo and video rights is automated.


Are you not familiar with all the expressions and acronyms used?
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Glossary Wedia Solutions EN
Asset, Brand content, DAM, Digital asset Management, digital marketing, digital media library, digital resource, marketing technology, SaaS, single repository


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