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Wedia Introduces the New Wedia Content Picker to Connect your DAM with your App Ecosystem

Creating marketing and sales content with your latest digital assets should be quick and easy regardless of your role at your organization, and no matter which system or application you are working in. That’s why we are introducing the Wedia Content Picker tool. Customers now benefit from a tool that allows them to find and access media directly from within their modern workplace solutions, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud and Website CMS

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In today’s omnichannel environment, there are multiple stakeholders in your organization who need to constantly create, edit and distribute content across various touchpoints (web, print, social etc). In addition to personalizing content to their target audience, they also need to make sure this content is always up to date and brand consistent: Graphic designers and marketing teams need to update landing pages as well as rich marketing content like images, product visuals and branded content on their company website and social media platforms. Internal sales teams need to tailor PDFs, presentations and emails to their prospects. Channel partners across the world need to modify and repurpose digital print materials such as brochures to their local audience and regional language. The list goes on… 

Having a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution in place gives your entire organization access to the correct brand and digital assets so that anyone – with the right permissions – can find, download or share images, videos, and other media to internal or external collaborators. Digital Asset Management streamlines the entire collaborative process by facilitating the organization, sharing and smooth flow of all available resources involved in marketing projects, all the while ensuring digital assets are validated, up-to-date and brand compliant. 

Companies using DAM software benefit from accelerated productivity as it is designed to eliminate bottlenecks in the creative workflow and scale marketing efforts. But the benefits of DAM extend far beyond being a central repository for your marketing assets. A digital asset management system can be integrated with a number of other programs and platforms, including social media networks, content management systems, cloud systems, video solutions, plus many others. That means that you can go into your DAM and at the click of a button, push a finalized asset to your Facebook or Twitter account, to your email platform, or to your website CMS (WordPress, etc). 

As such, Wedia’s Digital Asset Management solution was designed with one simple idea in mind: make it easy for anyone – marketers, brand managers, channel partners etc – to bring their media to life. That’s why we are happy to announce the Wedia Content Picker, a new plug-in connecting your DAM with your app ecosystem to help brands drive more value from their digital assets using their everyday tools.

What is the Wedia Content Picker? 

The Wedia Content Picker is a new plug-in available for Wedia’s Digital eXperience Management (DXM) customers. It acts as a snippet integrating your DAM with your everyday marketing tools in order to give users quick access to your approved brand and marketing assets wherever you are. The Wedia Content Picker tool has been designed to be integrated in any kind of software, from the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) and the Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign) to CMS and Social Media Management Systems, so that employees can easily import and use assets from their Wedia DAM within their preferred tools. 

How Does it Work?

With Wedia Content Picker, you no longer need to spend your time switching from one platform to another to find the perfect asset, or waste valuable minutes downloading or uploading a single file in five distinct places. Moving documents from one place to another is easy and just as quick as adding a song to your favorite playlist.

Rather than having to go into your DAM and download and export the desired image you want to use in an external application, you can now directly access assets from your DAM within the content picker tool. You can search for any asset by keyword, or filter between asset types. Employees such as graphic designers, creatives, marketers and sales teams, can create new content in just a few clicks, while being certain that they’re always using the right assets. 

The plug-in can be integrated with various tools of your marketing technology stack. 

You can for example, go into your Microsoft Office Suite and in seconds, edit a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document with the appropriate and relevant images. The Wedia Content Picker allows you to insert entire images into your working document, as well as clipped images – images with the background automatically cropped – so that you can more easily integrate and personalize your documents.

Insert a clipped image

Insert an entire image


You can even create personalized emails by inserting images, videos and animated GIFs into your emails from within Microsoft Outlook.

wedia content picker image in email

Add an image, video or animated GIF to your e-mail

You can also use the Wedia Content Picker to edit images within Adobe Photoshop as well as templates like brochures and other print materials from within InDesign. From the Content Picker, you can directly drag and drop your desired image to the file you’re working on and update the template.  

wedia content picker edit image in adobe suite

Edit and save as new image within Photoshop

Open original InDesign Template

Update template using drag and drop


Once you’ve made changes to your files or images, you can save and push the new version to your DAM to make sure your assets are always up to date and that everyone has the latest version. 

updated template in Wedia DAM

Latest version of asset available in your DAM

The Wedia Content Picker makes editing and finalizing content easier and faster than ever, helping brands produce more relevant content to support the customer journey.


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