3 major benefits of using a DAM solution

5 Nov


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Arnaud Desfontaines




3 major benefits of using a DAM solution
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There are a number of challenges in today’s marketing landscape. Some of them include ensuring a consistent brand and product communication, producing content efficiently, guaranteeing content distribution and maximizing user engagement. How can a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution help meet these challenges?

A DAM makes it possible to centralize - in a “single source of truth” - all types of media (photos, videos, brochures, Photoshop source files, 3D, etc.), share them with employees according to roles and access rights, and distribute them across all platforms (sites, blog, social networks). And while such a solution can have many benefits depending on the specific needs of companies, we have identified 3 major benefits of using a DAM enterprise solution.

1) Ensure brand consistency and brand control

Companies that own many brands and work with partners or agencies face the difficulty of ensuring brand consistency. They have to make sure that marketing material is properly branded and follows brand guidelines. Marketing departments have to assure that content is still relevant, up-to-date and that the latest versions are used. Copyright information of digital assets or data such as expiration date or geographic use have to be respected. Not easy when a company is e.g. using channel marketing or working with agencies or other partners. Plus, global companies with many global brands are using different channels and addressing audiences at different touch points such as web, email, social. Consequently, a high level of personalization and adaptation is critical - but if not handled properly, can result in a risk for the brand. 

A DAM system permits brands to tackle these challenges. It serves as a unique repository in which only previously approved assets are stored. They have been created according to companies’ brand guidelines and come with all relevant information (who, where and until when they can be used). This way, companies ensure that a consistent brand message is being communicated, which leads to higher customer engagement. Plus, brand control is maintained at any moment.

2) Reduce time to market

A DAM solution makes it easy for marketers to find and share marketing assets they are looking for. It is a Single Source of Truth with all previously approved digital assets in it. Thanks to indexation, marketers can quickly find the marketing assets they need, accelerating e.g. the production and creation of marketing content, as well as marketing campaigns. By having access to the right marketing assets, marketing and communication teams can operate faster, launch marketing campaigns more efficiently and quickly and therefore reduce time-to-market. 

While content creation is sped up through faster workflows, leading to a more efficient content production, there is also less duplicated content produced, as marketers can easily find already created marketing assets and avoid recreating them. 

Furthermore, content can be easily reused, extending the content lifecycle and, apart from saving time, saves money for the creation of new content.

All this leads not only to faster time to market, but also cost savings.

3) Improve ROI 

Today, marketers more and more have to justify their marketing expenses and prove real ROI. Using a DAM solution can help marketers make their marketing campaigns become more impactful.

An enterprise class DAM software ensures content diffusion, while Media Delivery and Digital Experience allows you to customize content according to the context of the audience. Through personalization, these marketing campaigns perform better as they provide a unique content experience.

A DAM can score and measure content performance so that you know exactly which content performs best. This way, it is eventually possible to further improve marketing campaigns, adapt and improve marketing content strategies and eventually increase ROI.

Plus, optimized business processes are leading to cost reduction. Better structured processes supported by a high-performance DAM solution can lead to this optimisation.  

According to a 2015 study from IDC , digital marketers and creative directors are realizing significant ROI from their investments in DAM:

  • 79% have increased revenue by 10% or more
  • 97% have reduced asset creation costs by 10% or more
  • 86% have reduced risk by 10% or more
  • 97% have increased productivity by 10% or more

In addition, because employees free up time as they search and find assets more quickly and avoid the creation of already existing content, they can use this time for other, higher value tasks.

These are only some of the benefits a DAM solution can offer. If you want to learn more about the benefits of a DAM solution - specifically for your industry - contact us for a free demo of our solution.

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