ENGIE chooses Wedia to centralise assets and create Single Source of Truth

27 Sep


Written by

Louise McNutt




ENGIE chooses Wedia to centralise assets and create Single Source of Truth
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ENGIE is a French company and a global energy player. Spread over 70 countries and serving 24 million customers, it is a significant global company and with its 151,000 employees focuses on three core businesses: low-carbon power generation, energy infrastructure and customer services. 

The need for a DAM solution


As a large international company, with teams spread across the world, ENGIE has a significant amount of marketing and communication materials, assets and information to store. Materials and assets need to stick to clear brand guidelines in order to maintain consistency and this applies to all countries and departments across the group. 

ENGIE had previously used a number of different solutions to manage their content but were not able to find one specific solution that fit with their defined needs. ENGIE often found that the platforms that they had invested in weren’t user friendly and didn’t have the ability to precisely filter assets based on what was being added to the search terms. 

ENGIE's DAM platform

One unified hub 

ENGIE was using a variety of different content management systems but needed to unify them into one centralised hub. This would allow ENGIE to establish a Single Source of Truth for all its assets. In turn this would mean that any team accessing one asset would see the latest updates and would only be able to share or publish approved material. 

Asset research page in ENGIE's DAM platform

Advanced search capabilities 

With a large amount of assets needing to be stored, ENGIE employees and their partners wanted to be able to easily search and identify the right asset for their campaign or project, speeding up their ways of working. Where previously, the solutions that they were using were not delivering the ability to always find accurate results, ENGIE was on the lookout for a new alternative that could solve this problem. 

The transition to Wedia’s DAM solution 

ENGIE decided to opt for Wedia’s Digital Asset Management solution for a number of reasons: 

  • To build a centralised content repository 
  • To aid on collaborative working methods across the group’s subsidiaries and business units which sit over 70 countries 
  • To create an enhanced digital experience for all users
Looking for an asset in ENGIE's DAM

Building a DAM platform that fit the needs of ENGIE was based on Wedia’s teams taking the time to understand how exactly various departments needed to store, share and manage marketing and communication assets. By establishing a system that made it easier and faster for employees to work was crucial to the project and ENGIE’s DAM allows for international teams to better collaborate and share information, all whilst prioritising brand consistency. 

Find out more by downloading the ENGIE case study. 

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