How Volvo Car France uses Wedia’s DAM to create localized and brand consistent marketing campaigns

27 Feb


Written by

Sara Jabbari




How Volvo Car France uses Wedia’s DAM to create localized and brand consistent marketing campaigns
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Volvo Cars, one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands, manufactures and markets automobiles, including SUVs, station wagons, sedans and electric vehicles in over 100 countries. With 2,300 dealerships worldwide and approximately 41,000 employees, Volvo Car France turned to Wedia to implement and provide a self-service platform to its dealership network in France.

Volvo Car France’s marketing challenges

Volvo Car France promotes and sells its cars, spare parts, accessories as well as services (maintenance, repairing and warranty) through its dealer network in France, which includes 115 dealerships.

Volvo Car France was therefore looking for a user-friendly, high performant and integrated platform that would allow them to provide this dealer network with marketing materials in order to support local marketing efforts and drive sales.

They needed this new solution to enable them to centralize, find and share all their digital assets, from photos and product images to POS materials, as well as access a library of branded master templates (print, banner, e-mail etc.) to streamline the localization, translation and adaptation of marketing campaigns.

The Wedia solution

Volvo Car France selected Wedia to implement a self-service Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform, thanks to a number of distributed marketing functionalities.

For one, the solution has been completely personalized for Volvo Car France, with filters, menu items and widgets (graphic charter, typography, user manual and tutorials etc.) adapted to the needs of local dealerships. The solution  is also dynamically updated based on Volvo Car France’s internal communication strategy.

The Wedia DAM platform provides access to all non-modifiable assets such as photos, videos, brand collaterals, template collaterals and brand guidelines. Files can be easily retrieved by filtering by car model, media type, status or theme.

The solution also offers a library of self-service collaterals, such as print and e-mail templates, with distributed workflows and features simplifying the localization, personalization and size adaptation of communications. Users can easily edit new materials such as advertisements, video ads, posters, email, banners, flyers, press materials, etc. by duplicating the desired template and editing its content. Pricing information and descriptions can be modified, while images can be updated thanks to drag-and-drop functionality.

Volvo Car France’s dealership network can therefore autonomously personalize and adapt marketing content to fit the needs and requirements of their local client and prospect network, while ensuring all communications are consistent with the company’s branding and messaging.

Volvo homepage DAM

In addition to creating communication materials with ease, the solution provides Volvo Car France with the ability to send and manage email campaigns, as well as track their impact on their various distribution lists.

The platform also comes with secured rights management, with asset copyrights and availability directly managed by the marketing team.


"The Wedia solution has been very valuable to our car dealerships, which are able to easily retrieve and personalize print and emailing templates with complete autonomy. "

Marketing and Communications Manager,
Volvo Car France  


The advantages of the Wedia solution

Thanks to the implementation of the Wedia Digital Asset Management solution, Volvo Car France benefits from:

  • A unique media library: Volvo Car France uses one unique media library to categorize, find and share media files (images, videos, audio files etc.) In 2023, the Wedia platform was used by 126 dealerships and 150 users in France.

  • Control agency and printer fees: The company provides its dealership network in France a comprehensive set of modifiable templates to allow them to autonomously address their local client and prospect network while maintaining control and respecting Volvo's’ overall corporate identity. With 92 print and e-mail templates created in 2023, and more than 4,500 downloads made by dealerships, the use of the media library has substantially risen. Approximately 600 projects have been personalized in 2023, including local print and digital communications: POS materials, marketing and sales campaigns, flyers, e-mailing campaigns etc.

  • A faster time to market: The self-service platform and media library allow users to easily access marketing assets and templates for easy and quick re-use, simplifying the entire content production process and ensuring a faster time to market. Thanks to the solution, it now takes less than 5 days to launch a new campaign based on existing templates.

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