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How to maximize the usage of your video with the Wedia DAM

From boosting brand awareness and website traffic to generating more leads and sales, video plays a crucial role at your organization. How can brands maximize the usage of their video content using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform like Wedia’s? 

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: video has become an increasingly popular medium for brands. Along with personalizing the customer experience and making more data-driven marketing decisions, creating more video probably tops your list of marketing objectives. Why? Because video marketing provides companies with a wide range of benefits: it aids brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, significantly improves your SEO rankings and establishes trust with your consumers. Video is now the #1 content type used by marketers to sell products and services. So how can you maximize the usage of your videos with a DAM? 

Discover how the Wedia DAM helps you share and manipulate your video content on a daily basis in our new how-to video:


Video is not only a marketing tool, but a sales enabler


Brands that incorporate videos on their e-commerce sites, social media platforms or promotional emails will find that they play an essential role in the purchasing decision process. In fact, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. That’s because videos, even more than images and product visuals, help customers really understand the products that they are looking at – and are potentially going to buy. 

Someone who wants to purchase a product online will better understand the product they’re researching with a video that shows that product in action (what it looks like, how it’s worn, how it can be used etc). With video, you can quickly educate customers on your products by incorporating text, audio and footage detailing all of the different features or functionalities. Take this example from Decathlon, in which the sports retailer accompanies an image gallery comprising a number of product visuals of one of its home exercise bikes with two videos, one showing how to assemble the bike and the other explaining the bike’s various features and advantages. Meanwhile, food brands like Savencia feature video recipes on their websites and social media channels to inspire and educate customers on the unique ways they can use their ingredients. These are prime examples of how brands can leverage video to showcase their products and how they provide value to their customers. 


Video for B2B: Same Rules, Different Game


While B2B and B2C video marketing may differ in terms of the type of video content they create – B2B companies focus on education and professional content – the ultimate goal is still the same: build trust and drive sales. To do this, B2B companies often employ explainer, demo and animated videos on their homepage or landing pages to generate more leads and conversions: videos on landing pages increase conversions by up to 80%. 

No matter the size or type of business you operate, video is a vital part of both your marketing and sales toolkit. You want to use it to show off your products, but you also want to use it to tell captivating stories, and educate and entertain your target audiences. Video can be a game changer for brands, provided that they know how to properly use and leverage it. 


Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Video


Basic Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms only help companies manage their video content by providing them with a central location to organize, find and share their video assets with coworkers, partners and other stakeholders. With today’s changing digital media landscape and our growing demand for video, companies are looking for DAM providers that incorporate new and innovative video capabilities that will help them fully  harness the power of this effective content format and successfully scale their video efforts.

In the infographic below, we explore some of the ways Wedia’s DAM solution supports customers’ online video marketing efforts, from securely delivering and optimizing their video assets for different devices and channels, to enriching the viewing experience using video chapters, interactive CTAs, dynamic playlists and even AI-powered metadata – subtitles, emotion recognition, automated keywording etc…

Infographic: Wedia Digital Asset Management’s for Online Video Marketing

These functionalities give brands the necessary tools to use their videos to truly engage their viewers and efficiently market and sell their products and services. It means maximizing the exposure and impact of their video marketing assets online. How can they do this? 

We created this – (you guessed it) – video, highlighting just some of the ways Wedia’s DAM solution helps brands manipulate their video content on a daily basis in order to maximize their video’s usage online and thus improve their ROI:

Trim your videos into ‘snackable’ subclips for social media 

You often need a short video teaser or ‘taster’ for email or social networks. Videos that are up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement on social media. According to Hubspot, the ideal video length is 30 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds for Twitter and 1 minute on Facebook. With Wedia, you can give your various audiences the viewing experience they want by easily trimming any video from your DAM to the desired length. Simply extract a portion of a video by selecting a start and end time when editing the video.   

Share your videos directly from your DAM to social networks 

Videos on social media get shared 1200% more than images and text combined. You can automatically share your videos or subclips directly from your Wedia DAM to your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts in order to maximize reach and engagement, but also to bring more traffic to your website or e-commerce site.  

Export your videos or subclips as animated GIFs

Once you’ve created your video subclip, you can export it in the desired format: HD, SD or MD. You can even automatically transform your video into an animated GIF, an increasingly popular video format that results in higher click through rates in email marketing campaigns and on social networks.  

Insert your videos into your emails  

Including video in your email marketing increases click-through rate by 63%. With the Wedia DAM, you can save time inserting your video or animated GIF (or link to your video) into your emails using the Wedia Content Picker directly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. 

Video is a highly shareable and clickable content format. With the right tools and methods in place to help you maximize its potential, video can have powerful effects on your brand image and sales performance. Digital Asset Management and Video Management Softwares like Wedia’s give brands the necessary means to leverage their video assets so that they connect with their audiences wherever they are, and in the best possible way, in no time and with no fuss.


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