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Infographic: Why global players need a local marketing strategy

When selling your products to different markets, a “one size fits all” approach is certainly not the best idea to drive your business and sales. In today’s day and age, marketing has become synonymous with personalization on a global scale. Find out why marketing localization will help you to tackle this challenge, which benefits it provides, why it is much more than just simple content translation and how Digital Asset Management can support global players in adopting a local marketing strategy? 

1.35 billion people – this is the number of people who spoke English in 2021, either as a native or second language. Does this mean that providing a website in English will help you cover already a big number of possible customers in your target markets? We have to disappoint you, it has been proven that you’ll only be able to reach about 25% of global users. And let’s go on with some interesting figures: Did you know that 72% of customers prefer to purchase from a website in their native language? For 56% of them, it is even more important than the price. Impressive, right? Still not convinced? Hang tight – we’ve compiled a list of key benefits of marketing localization:

Infographic Local Marketing Straeegy

The benefits of a local marketing strategy 

To stay relevant for global customers you have to be able to communicate with your audiences effectively. If you are preparing to take your company global, localization will play a critical role in its success, and it will pay off in various ways. First, it decreases the barrier to enter new markets. Localization serves for better understanding your target markets, adapting your offer according to your findings, and therefore delivering a localized message. It will also allow you to gain a competitive advantage: You are surely not the only provider in your field and even if this were the case, competitors can appear quicker than you think. Be one step ahead of them by localizing your marketing campaigns and really act local. Other key benefits of localization are: 

Improve Customer Engagement:

Localization builds credibility and trust as you show that you respect different cultures and languages. Communication becomes easier since you deliver data in a language they can understand, including local currencies, measurements and payment methods but also sliders, images, infographics etc. Customers are therefore more likely to return to your website in the future.

Support your Brand Identity:

Companies tend to maintain their brand identity, personality, and other elements across markets. While understandable, this can become tricky in cross-cultural situations. If you show an ability to speak the language of your target market through the messaging on your website, they are much more likely to identify with your brand and more apt to rely on your business as a solution to their needs, therefore localization leads to global brand recognition. In this case, using a DAM will facilitate localization by native speakers by giving them autonomy while controlling and guaranteeing your brand image and brand guidelines. 

Level up your SEO Strategy:

When you decide to set up your website in different languages, you are probably starting with translating content and keywords which is already a step in the right direction, since most sales are beginning with internet research and this allows you to pop up in local results. Website localization is different from this, since it pays attention to cultural references, social attitudes, searching behaviors and also visuals. Speaking of visuals: In terms of SEO, they are often neglected, however their metadata (in the right language!) is indispensable for your ranking. Tools like DAM can help you by renaming all file outputs with descriptive elements and automatically suggesting relevant alt text. .All in all website localization is highly beneficial for SEO as it allows you to gain new organic traffic, lower bounce rates, integrate new backlinks etc. 

Increase Sales

“Can’t read, won’t buy.” Localization is known for having a crucial impact on business revenues. According to a survey of companies from across the world, those who use localization services are likely to make 1.5 times more profit than those who don’t. In the e-commerce industry, this ratio is especially striking. 

Local marketing strategy – where to start? 

A skillfully conducted localization project can be a daunting task, but with the right planning, it does not have to be difficult. When you have defined your target markets, the next step would be to put a localization team of native translators and reliable developers together. An international keyword research is also crucial, as we already mentioned the benefits a local SEO strategy can bring to your business. Fortunately, there are also powerful tools available that support your localization efforts and its challenges

Wedia’s Distributed Management module for example helps you in ensuring that the same content in various formats (PDF, web pages, emails etc.) is made available and can be used on all offline and online channels worldwide, while giving local teams the possibility to adapt what needs to be adapted. These content templates are key to maintaining brand consistency and messaging, and are also easily customizable in terms of local rules (think of laws depending on the area and so). Another advantage is an improved time-to-market: A french sportswear dealer for example used to need 3 weeks to put products online, today this has been reduced to 3 days with product media being distributed in more than +70 different adaptations in 52 countries. 

Having full control over your localization while giving autonomy to your local teams –  Distributed Management makes it possible. Combined with Digital Asset Management, you can also activate the localization of your virtual assets, including their status for different regions. When changes are made, they will not only be applied to the content, but also to the metadata. You’ll then be able to provide visuals that trigger emotions and transform into sales for local markets. These tools can also support you in reducing media related costs as witnessed by a French medical equipment provider who is now saving 30% by using a central hub for all its 10 international brands. DAM and DMM make a real powerhouse when it comes to wanting to implement a local marketing strategy for your target markets in an efficient manner – and one that pays off in the long run.

Wedia, a SaaS software company, offers leading international brands solutions for successfully providing a local marketing strategy to deliver outstanding customer journeys. 


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