7 Reasons to Use DAM

Why Invest in an Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solution? 7 Use Cases & 7 Industries

Discover 7 reasons why global businesses should invest in a DAM solution and 7 industries where DAM is indispensable!

7 Reasons to Use DAM

Marketing has become visual. Images and videos are essential in bringing a brand to life, as well as to nourish the buying process or the customer relationship over time. No matter what we sell, images and videos are basic ingredients, handled daily by communication and marketing teams.

In this eBook, we present 7 reasons to invest in an enterprise Digital Asset Management solution, and 7 sectors of activity for which it is essential, why and how.

Inside this guide:

  1. 7 good reasons to invest in a DAM: content volume, video management, consistent and personalized digital experiences, omnichannel, brand consistency and compliance, localization, experience management
  2. 7 industries and their main DAM use cases: Retail, CPG brands, Banking/Finance/Insurance, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Pharmaceuticals

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Société Générale
Total Energies

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