Product Content as the Engine of the Customer Experience

Product Content as the Engine of the Customer Experience

This eBook explores how Digital Asset Management (DAM) combined with Media Delivery and Digital Experience capabilities can help global companies deliver the best possible customer experience.

Product Content as the Engine of the Customer Experience

The global pandemic has led to an explosion in e-commerce. According to McKinsey, the first three months saw a 10-year leap. A leap that can be seen in the figures but also in the transformation of consumer behavior. From now on, the customer experience has become the first purchase criterion, and loyalty a very relative notion.

Faced with a disappointing experience or an offer perceived as unsuitable, more than half of consumers say they are less likely to buy. Brands no longer have the right to make mistakes, which is not easy in an omnichannel and phygital world.

In the guide

  1. Consumers: loyalty in question, behaviors, experience, expectations, personalization
  2. 3 key steps to manage this transition: industrialization/centralization, DAM-PIM dialogue, distribution and performance measurement
  3. From product information to product experience, DAM, PIM, marketing and IT issue
  4. Preparing for indirect marketing, new sales channels and phygital, DAM for distribution players

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