What's it like to have Wedia as your DAM provider?

15 Feb


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Louise McNutt




What's it like to have Wedia as your DAM provider?
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Michael Quintino Velasco-Mills is an Enterprise Account Manager at Wedia, which means he is the main point of contact for our clients after purchasing their Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Here he talks to us about how Wedia supports their clients and what kind of relationship he has built with them over time. 

As an Enterprise Account Manager (EAM) at Wedia, my role is to manage a portfolio of existing clients such as Decathlon and ENGIE. These clients are large international companies who have chosen the Wedia solution in order to support their marketing and communication needs. 

At Wedia we are proud that our clients repeatedly choose our solution year after year, many clients having been with us for long periods of time (+8 years). As the marketing sector continues to evolve, so does the Wedia DAM environment. My job is therefore to accompany our clients throughout various transitions to best support their internal organization and the users accessing the solution.

In more concrete language, clients will come to us with an initial need, often concerned by the management of their digital assets, but as their organization changes and their marketing needs heighten, they may decide to activate additional modules, such as Distributed Marketing or Media Delivery and Digital Experience.  

A company-wide approach to DAM management

Michael Quintino Velasco-Mills, EAM at Wedia

Thanks to our internationally based EAM team, present in North America (USA & Canada), Germany and France, we are able to cater to large organizations across the world. Within the team we share best practices in order to better support all clients. 

As an Enterprise Account Manager, my relationship with the client begins once our Sales team has signed a new account. I am onboarded regarding the client’s specific needs and context (sector of activity, project details, internal organizational challenges, professional goals, etc.) 

During our first meeting, I will jointly review to make sure I have proper and full understanding of their project and the expectations of our solution. 

My main point of contact is usually C-level marketing profiles, digital profiles that manage e-commerce websites and C-level communication profiles. 

Depending on the profile, the anticipated use cases shall vary. For example, a communication specialist will need to have a space dedicated to all company assets (colors, logos, PNV files), events and the proper circulation of information, so people can use proper assets for the right tasks. 

The marketing profile typically wants to ensure that content isn’t being duplicated across multiple teams, as this incurs duplicate costs, creates silos and may result in assets not being used in the correct way. Allowing teams to create marketing supports, presentations and to support sales activity.

For the digital profile, they are concerned about proper asset storage and broadcasting to e-commerce or the public facing websites, where asset quality is king! They need a solution that can manage varying types of asset formats and renditions, whilst capable of quickly, efficiently and securely delivering the right asset, to the right digital channel, at the right time and in the right format. 

One of the challenges that I face in my work is ensuring that the solution continually responds to new needs of various different types of users and ever-changing business objectives. Companies, their ambitions and therefore the needs of their employees are in constant evolution, the DAM has to follow suit! Whether it be implementing new features, tackling new challenges, onboarding new teams, addressing a new business scope, my job is to accompany my clients in finding the best solution, whilst making it as intuitive and as easy as possible. 

Responding to the needs of today and tomorrow

Working as a EAM at Wedia for the last five years, I have observed the transformation of corporate strategy and ambition, influenced by political and social factors. Being the main point of contact for our clients, I am responsible for understanding these changes and working with both the Wedia Product Team and the company’s internal teams to continually better cater to the needs of tomorrow. 

At the moment, our clients have a number of key priorities which we at Wedia are taking into account within our solution. 

One of the biggest concerns is the security of assets. For a number of companies, when they are releasing new products, corresponding information can be highly confidential and needs to be protected. Wedia offers a plethora of highly protective security measures and technical programs to guarantee such security.  

A second concern is the volume of assets, often worried that it will be an overbearing obstacle. Our SaaS Cloud hosting and architecture permits the solution to easily scale to client needs in real-time, whether it be responding to high activity, increased traffic, large injection of new assets or a surge in asset broadcasting.

A third common problem is the rise in the implementation of company-wide sustainability strategies reglementing the amount of CO2 emissions permitted during the acquisition of new solutions. We now receive requests to better understand the sustainable measures supported by Wedia’s DAM solution. I spend a lot of time with companies to understand their needs and objectives in order to take the correct measures to ensure that their solution responds to Green objectives and initiatives.

A final recurring concern is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations. As EAMs, we work with the legal teams to guarantee that all user information is being processed in a certain way that is conformant to national law and internal processes. Needs can vary from client to client, we work hand-in-hand to ensure that all these boxes are checked and respected.

A tailor-made solution: collaborative working

Supporting our clients means working with each one on a case-by-case basis and always listening to better understand their specific context in order to offer personalized and contextualized solutions. 

We often solicit our clients to make them a part of the discussion; Wedia wants to directly hear about their experience and their ideas, giving them a voice and influence over our Product Roadmap. I have monthly contact with clients, whether it be my infamous “digital coffees”, lunch, a more formal meeting such as steering committees, or Wedia organized events. A great example of the latter is #FutureDAM, our annual conference dedicated to our clients, DAM panels, use case discovery, and professional networking within our DAM community.  

These days everybody is busy, and spare time is a precious commodity! Clients sometimes don’t have an extra minute to let me know when they are in need. Thus, through establishing regular monthly meetings, it allows us to make the time and to identify and / or address any challenges. It’s simply enough the means to double and triple check that Wedia’s solution is keeping pace with company-specific demands. 

Building long-standing relationships

There is no doubt that my job is unique in that it involves working with many different types of people across large international enterprises, from all walks of life, each with their own professional objectives. Whether it’s creating, downloading, adapting, broadcasting, or measuring the performance of assets, I need to be able to support them and their ever-evolving needs – as well as anticipate future trends and evolutions, to continually provide great digital experiences at scale. 

It is this very proximity with my clients that I truly love, allowing me to create human and personalized relationships with each individual. Not only are they a part of my professional network, but these relationships bring me joy and enrich my work on a daily basis.

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